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Marcus B. Essary

     Marcus was born in Austin, Texas, on October 29th, 1976.  After his parent's separation as a toddler, he and his sister were raised by their loving grandparents, who encouraged him to read and write as much as possible.

     There he grew up on heaps of sci-fi  and fantasy lore, where his love of the genres was born.  His obsession for them hit him from two fronts.

     The first was his grandfather, David Mullins.  He had worked in the Air Force on and around Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas (within the Nellis Air Force Range which encompasses Groom Lake and Area 51),  and was very secretive on his daily duties.

     All he would say about it was he had to be escorted on blacked-out buses to and from work, and he wasn't permitted to talk about it (Whose imagination WOULDN'T run wild?).  His love of sci-fi made a significant impact on Marcus.

     The second was the introduction of the 'Red Box' Basic Set of Dungeons and Dragons in 1989.

     With the contents of the 'Red Box' in hand, worlds upon worlds were imagined and created.  He ran games as the Dungeon Master for the majority of his life for most of the role-playing games available, creating new realms and the colorful people inhabiting them.  For him, it has been a passion and a pleasure.

     With the support of his large and wonderful family (Stephenie, Melody, Josie, Zoran, and Stella), he has been able to truly cement his dream of writing.

Timothy A. Bowman The Artist

This is the man who designed the front and back cover.  He could draw just about anything and make it look absolutely mind-blowing.  For more of his work and books of his own, check out www.timothyabowman.com or shoot him an email at tim@mbessary.com.

Scot "The Editor" Holliday

This man will tell you like it is and that's what makes him amazing.

A quote from a section I submitted to him for review, "Will you run to the store and buy a few scrabble sets and the strongest laxative you can find.  Go home and eat ALL the letters.  Once they are down, take the laxative and sh*t all those letters onto the floor.  Then take a picture with your phone.  I bet the result would be better reading than the PILE OF SH*T YOU ALREADY SENT ME!!!"



If you have any questions, you can shoot him an email at scot@mbessary.com.